Kids Winter Book Review

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but these winter themed books are warm and delightful! Pick them up at your local library for free or enjoy them as free read alouds on You Tube at the links provided. Before Morning by: Joyce Sidman was difficult for me to figure out at first, but give itContinue reading “Kids Winter Book Review”

Kid’s Holiday Craft Corner

Even though ‘the holidays’ are officially over and your wallet is officially empty it’s never too late to celebrate. I have showcased projects here that you can complete with things you’ll find around your home to keep costs low, but don’t hesitate to check out the myriad of holiday craft ideas that you will findContinue reading “Kid’s Holiday Craft Corner”

Happy Holiday Learning

Tired of the consumerism of Christmas? Have you and your kids ever wondered about what other holidays are celebrated this time of year? Check out these fun learning clips available for free on You Tube and experience the joy of celebrating community, hope, healthy habits, new beginnings, miracles, heritage, and culture. You might just findContinue reading “Happy Holiday Learning”

New Year’s Craft Celebration

Whether you will be celebrating at noon or at midnight tonight here’s some fabulous, free, and fun ways to protect your pocketbook while you party. Paper Plate Count Down Clock is a great way to learn to tell time as well as celebrate midnight (or noon as the case may be). Rice Noise Makers areContinue reading “New Year’s Craft Celebration”

Noon Year’s Kids Activities

Got some littles that aren’t going to make it till midnight? Why not celebrate by counting down to nap time instead? Here’s some fun ways to party like little rockstars! Take a Hike: Bundle up the kids and take a walk through the woods. Take time to discuss what the animals do to ‘celebrate’ theContinue reading “Noon Year’s Kids Activities”

No Cost New Year’s

I originally published this post last year, but these activities are still great if you are looking for some kid/family friendly activities to celebrate with this New Year’s Eve. Christmas is officially done and my bank account is officially empty. Yet I find myself with one more week of winter break from school and twoContinue reading “No Cost New Year’s”

Kid’s New Year, New You Workouts

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Last Minute Gift Giving Guide

Have you found yourself a gift or two short when those last-minute house guests come calling? Here’s a few quick gift ideas you can whip up at the last minute. Keepsakes Made by the Kids: If you have kids, some paper, and some finger paint you can create this quick and easy handprint wreath orContinue reading “Last Minute Gift Giving Guide”

Kids’ Holiday Workouts

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Frugal Firs

It’s T-minus six days till Santa Claus is coming to town. If you still haven’t found that epic Christmas tree and are looking at being stuck in this situation: Then check out where you can get a good tree at a good price at the last minute with considerably less window damage. Artificial Trees: ResaleContinue reading “Frugal Firs”