Kids Thanksgiving Book Review

Help your kids remember that there’s a holiday between Halloween and Christmas with these awesome Thanksgiving kids’ books. Look for them at your local library or enjoy the links I have included to the free read alouds on You Tube. As a child of the 80’s I grew up on the Berenstain Bears. I thoughtContinue reading “Kids Thanksgiving Book Review”

Kids Halloween Book Review

I originally published this post last Halloween, but without the links to the free read alouds. So here is the re-released, updated version of last year’s Kids Halloween book review. If you cannot find these wonderful and unique titles at your local library, then please enjoy listening to the free read aloud versions on YouContinue reading “Kids Halloween Book Review”

Frugal Fourth

There’s no reason your holiday budget has to be as blown up as a firecracker. Here’s some kid friendly low-cost ideas for a celebration that will still make your family and your wallet “oooh,” “aaaahh,” and smile.

Kids Summer Book Review

Here’s our top picks for this summer’s children’s reading list. Look for them at the St. Charles Public Library!

Kid’s Easter Book Review

Hoppy Easter Monday! Hope your Sunday celebrations were all ‘egg-cellent’. If you’re looking for something ‘punny’ to read this morning then check out my latest blog post.

Kid’s Spring Book Review

The Legend of the Bluebonnet by: Pat Cusick Ripton is a unique story of self-sacrifice. In this Native American Indian tale, a young girl gives up her most prized possession- a doll, dressed all in blue, that her mother hand made for her before she died to save her tribe from a terrible drought. HerContinue reading “Kid’s Spring Book Review”

Kids St. Patrick’s Day Book Review

Shannon and the World’s Tallest Leprechaun by: Sean Callahan was a great lesson in ‘the grass is always greener’ theory. Young Shannon, an aspiring step dancer, is frustrated that she cannot afford an expensive costume, wig, and shoes and feels she will never be a good dancer without them. She counts backwards in Gaelic toContinue reading “Kids St. Patrick’s Day Book Review”

Kid’s Valentine’s Day Book Review

Love From the Crayons by: Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers was adorably illustrated in the style of a child’s crayon scribbles. The message of the book was beautifully simple: love comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. It can be silly, hard to find, stormy, creative, or (my personal favorite) stinks (the illustration is priceless).Continue reading “Kid’s Valentine’s Day Book Review”

Kid’s Christmas Book Review Part 2: Yep, We Found More Awesome Books

What the Dinosaurs Did The Night Before Christmas by: Refe and Susan Tuma was hilarious! The staging and photographing of the dinosaurs perfectly compliment this entertaining tale of the antics that only the most mischievous of plastic toys can get into on Christmas eve night. From using the nutcracker to crunch up all the candyContinue reading “Kid’s Christmas Book Review Part 2: Yep, We Found More Awesome Books”

Kids Christmas Book Review

Rudy’s Windy Christmas by: Helen Baugh and Ben Mantle was by far one of the most original Christmas books I have EVER read. This is NOT your grandmother’s ‘little golden books’ version of Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. The story revolves primarily around brussel sprouts and every little boy’s (yes, my son picked this book)Continue reading “Kids Christmas Book Review”