Don’t be an April Fool with This Kids’ Book Review

It’s crazy to think that April 1st is only days away! Celebrate the day to pull pranks on your loved ones with these charming, themed kids’ books. As always, you can enjoy the free read aloud versions of them on You Tube with the links I have provided. April Fool, Phyllis! by: Susanna Leonard HillContinue reading “Don’t be an April Fool with This Kids’ Book Review”

Savy Springtime Spending

Woot! Woot! It’s springtime baby! The snow is all melted, the crocus are coming up, and the weather is warming nicely. Now, what to do with the kids during spring break that won’t ‘spring break’ the bank? I’m glad you asked! I have an idea or two for you below. Cosmic Kids Yoga/Kids Spring WorkoutContinue reading “Savy Springtime Spending”