Tip#1: Location, Location, Location

Okay, they are both content eating a snack and watching Umi Zoomie so I will stop teasing you with my first ‘fluff intro’ post. In order to get brand name clothes at resale shop prices you must first find the resale shop locations in your neighborhood. There are two that I frequent in my neck of the woods- Goodwill and Salvation Army. Good Ole Google can tell you the options near you, but make sure you are searching for resale shops, not Consignment shops. Consignment shops are selling items on behalf of other people so the markup will be higher in order to turn a profit for both the seller and the store.

Tidbits on these stores: both are not for profit, so feel good about that. Salvation Army has considerably less locations and is closed on Sundays. They also tend to staple price tags to items which annoys me because they are hard to remove and often leave holes in the clothing. But, that being said, you will find more competitive prices at Salvation Army.

Also keep in mind the affluence of the neighborhoods surrounding each goodwill store. I have noticed that the more affluent the surrounding neighborhoods, the higher the quality of items I find. Below are links to both Goodwill and Salvation Army locations. Happy shopping!




http://Ad·satruck.org/Visit-Our-Store/Find-A-Location Salvation Army | Thrift Store Locations



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