Kids Winter Book Review

Before Morning by: Joyce Sidman was difficult for me to figure out at first, but give it a chance and look for clues to the meaning of the story within the amazing McEscher-esc illustrations and I bet you will find yourself tearing up at the end when you realize the child in the story is wishing for a snow storm big enough to ground all flights so that he can spend the morning with his mother who is an airline pilot. (here’s the read aloud video)

Bear’s Winter Party by: Deborah Hodge is a heartwarming tale about a lonely bear looking to find some friends. The book teaches children (and the other forest animals) not to let appearances be deceiving. Even though Bear appears big and scary he was actually a very kind and gentle friend and, as it turns out, quite the accomplished baker! There’s a recipe in the back of the book for Bear’s Honey-Ginger Cookies-something warm and cozy to bake with your kids on a cold January day! Yum! Yum!

Small, Medium, and Large by: Jane Monroe Donovan was really more of a Christmas book and the fact that there are pretty much NO words took me by surprise. However, the illustrations are so darling they speak for themselves. The story is about a lonely little girl that asks Santa for some friends. He responds by sending her three packages: one small, one medium, and one large which contain a cat, a dog, and a pony (every little girl’s dream). You then follow the four friends through a fun day out in the snow: sledding, making snow animals, making snow umm…..angels, cats, dogs, and ponies, having a snowball fight, and finally getting toasty by the fire. The back of the book contains a bio of the three real pets that the book was based on!

Mine, All Mine! by: Claire Hawcock and Chiara Pasqualotto was an adorable and sweet tale about a little squirrel who falls in love with a snowflake, but wants to keep it all for himself. He isolates himself in a nest away from the prying claws of his brother and sister squirrels and for a time is quite pleased. But, little by little he comes to learn that sometimes the best prize is awarded when you share with others!

Z is for Zamboni by: Matt Napier appealed to my husband, the hockey lover, with its plethora of hockey trivia. I was thrilled that my children were captivated enough by the illustrations that they had no idea they were actually learning something. From Arena to Zamboni your family will love this winter sports classic! (Zamboni read aloud)

Just a Snowman by: Mercer Mayer brings back the classic ‘Little Critter’ from my childhood. As always, the illustrations keep my family captivated as they search for the spider and mouse that are hidden on each page. Little Critter and his sister enjoy a snow day in the way only children can by ‘helping’ dad shovel, ice skating, sledding, and finally building a snowman! Of course, nothing caps off a snow day like a steaming mug of hot chocolate! Parents can relate as Little Critter destroys the kitchen making a special cup for each of his family members as well as the snowman. There’s no better book for a snow day than this! (Snowman read aloud)

There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow! by: Lucille Colandro is another book in the ‘There was an old Lady’ series. This book proved to be just as much fun as the time she swallowed all the leaves, but this time she barfs up a snowman instead of a scarecrow! It’s fun, it rhymes, and it will keep your kids giggling for hours. (Cold Lady read aloud)

How to Catch a Yeti and How to Catch a Snowman both by: Adam Wallace and Andy Elkerton continue the hilarious tradition of the ‘how to catch a’ books. How to Catch a Yeti follows a group of kids as they pursue (in rhyme) that illusive mythical beast with ‘fuzzy feet’, the Yeti. But the Yeti proves to be too smart for syrup, candy, marbles, sleds, bubbles, and the ‘yeti snatch-a-roo 3000’ robot. Yeti-1, Kids-0.

How to Catch a Snowman dispels the myth of Frosty’s magic hat and warm hugs. The kids are on the case again trying to catch that slippery, slushy fellow with scarves, icy ponds, sunshine, and a ‘snowman accessories store’. No hard feelings though, the snowman doesn’t leave without building the kids a little consolation prize in the end! (Yeti read aloud) (Snowman read aloud)

Don’t forget to look for these titles for free at your local library as you brew that cup of hot chocolate! If they aren’t available, remember to take advantage of inter-library loans or free read aloud videos online! Here’s a couple links for read alouds for more fun books I forgot. (Sneezy the Snowman read aloud) (The Snowy Day read aloud)





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