Thrifty Thanksgiving Activities

Hard to believe it, but the week of Thanksgiving is almost upon us. That means time off from school, long car rides, long plane rides, and long (in your kids’ opinion) boring holiday dinners. What to do to keep your kids busy, you sane, and your wallet stuffed enough to take on all your black Friday shopping demands?

Use these free YouTube links to learn what Thanksgiving is all about anyway. Or go on a virtual Turkey hunt! Gobble, Gobble!

Plastic Food Feast: My son was three years old last year when we spent the afternoon digging through all our plastic food assembling this delectable Thanksgiving feast. We named what each food was, what color it was, if it was a vegetable/fruit/protein, what shape it was. Then we pretended to eat our feast.

Happy Thanksgiving Day. Funny Thanksgiving Turkey bird, set of nine poses. Vector illustration

Sight Word Turkeys/Alpha Turkeys: Teaching my first grader sight words is like pulling teeth so I look for any way I can to make it a little less painful and a little more fun. I found these cute, free clip art turkeys, printed them out and wrote all her sight words on them to make holiday themed flash cards. For my preschooler I printed out more turkeys and wrote the upper- and lower-case letters of the alphabet on them.

Thanksgiving Sight Word Coloring: A quick Google search of sight word Turkey coloring pages revealed this themed page to combine coloring and learning. It’s challenging to find one that is easily printable, but you can print the cute little guy above with this link:

Holiday Story Time: Here’s some fabulous Thanksgiving themed kids’ books and the links to the free read alouds on You Tube. In case that’s not enough fabulous books, check out some more Thanksgiving themed kids’ books here.

Looking for some Thanksgiving crafts?

Have a safe, happy, and busy Thanksgiving holiday!





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