Have a Holly Jolly Kids’ Christmas Book Review

Check out our top picks for kids’ Christmas books for 2022. As always, I have included the links for the free read alouds on You Tube just in case your library can’t get a hold of a copy for you to borrow.

In A Bad Kitty Christmas by: Nick Bruel bad kitty learns an important lesson about family, friendship, and what really counts at Christmastime after she shreds the family’s gifts and decorations (in alphabetical order I might add) and runs away in shame. I loved this book’s very clever rhyme as well as all the alphabet learning that was snuck in.

In The Three Bears’ Christmas by: Kathy Duval the three bears are getting ready for the holidays when an unexpected guest drops by. But this time it’s not Goldilocks! Their mystery visitor has nibbled their gingerbread, broken their chairs, and left a few telltale signs in his wake (like a red hat and some boots). Can you guess who their holiday home invader was?

The Not Very Merry Pout-Pout Fish by: Deborah Diesen visits that poor pessimistic fellow Pout Pout Fish who has a bad case of the holiday blues. His Christmas shopping is not going well at all! He finally winds up making gifts for all his friends and discovers that sometimes the best presents come from the heart rather than the store.

The Broken Ornament by: Tony DiTerlizzi was a bit of a tearjerker. Jack can’t figure out why his mom is so sad when he breaks a dusty musty old ornament on accident till an unorthodox Christmas fairy explains to him that the ornament had been given to her by his great grandmother and can never be replaced. Does Jack have the holiday spirit in him to set things right?

Just in case you need more great holiday kids’ reads check out the books we found last year! Happy holiday reading!




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