New Year’s Craft Celebration

Whether you will be celebrating at noon or at midnight tonight here’s some fabulous, free, and fun ways to protect your pocketbook while you party.

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Paper Plate Count Down Clock is a great way to learn to tell time as well as celebrate midnight (or noon as the case may be).

Rice Noise Makers are a great way to make noise…but not too much noise for those who are sensitive to loud sounds.

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Party Hats are essential for a fun New Year’s Party.

Times Square Count Down Ball: We stole this one from the Geneva library. It looks simple enough to replicate though. Just cut out a circle from card stock or construction paper and decorate it to look like your very own New York Times Square ball. Cut a thin strip from the same card stock and write numbers 1-10 on it. Cut 2 slits in your ball and feed the number strip through it. Tape it like a bracelet and let the countdown fun begin!

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Toilet Paper Tube Party Poppers are another countdown essential.

Happy Noon Year…or New Year! Have a safe and happy holiday no matter what time you choose to celebrate!





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