Kid’s Easter Book Review

Count down the last few days till Easter with these themed kids’ books.

The Night Baafore Easter by: Dawn Young joins Bo, a typical child too excited to sleep on the night before Easter, as he calls on his ‘counting sheep’ to help him. BIG MISTAKE Bo! The sheep decide to run downstairs and explore Bo’s mom’s Easter preparations instead. They eat the Easter Eggs and the ham, they tye dye each other’s wool, and even eat the grass out of Bo’s Easter basket. In the end Bo is so exhausted from cleaning up after the sheep he easily falls asleep! Book bonus- your kids can practice counting forward and backward from one to ten.

The Dumb Bunnies’ Easter by: Dan Pilkey boasts on the front cover that it is ‘too dumb to win an award’ and so it is, but in a cute, hilarious way. My three-year-old giggled his approval as the dumb bunny family celebrated Easter on December 24th by carving a turkey with a Jack-o-lantern face and spray-painting fried eggs. Then the Easter Bunny flew his sleigh pulled by eight flying pilgrims to deliver their gifts down the chimney. This book is full of zany plays on words and pictures with so many hidden chuckles that you will have to look closely at them two or three times to catch them all.

The Night Before Easter is another book in the vast collection by: Natasha Wing. She has once again delightfully reinvented the classic ‘Night Before Christmas’ poem to include empty Easter Baskets set with care and visions of dancing jellybeans. Hopefully the Easter Bunny will soon be there!

Happy Easter, Little Critter by: Mercer Mayer will always hold a soft spot in my heart as a well-loved book from my childhood. The illustrations bring back memories of when my mom would tell us that Easter candy wasn’t, in fact, a healthy breakfast option. I can wholly sympathize with Critter as he dons his itchy church clothes, breaks all his colored eggs, and eventually has a very happy Easter.

Lucille Colandro was at it again in There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick. This time that crazy old gal is chomping on chicks, slurping up straw, eating all the eggs, crunching on candy, and finally burping up a basket! Nobody knows why…but she didn’t get sick! Would you eat a chick?

Can you catch the Easter Bunny? Well neither can author Adam Wallace, but that doesn’t stop him from trying in another of his series of books How to Catch the Easter Bunny. Follow along with your kids as that sneaky bunny evades the classic box on a stick trap, a sink hole, a charming lady bunny decoy, and the dreaded ‘Bunny Tumbler 2.0’. Better luck next year guys!

Here Comes the Easter Cat by: Deborah Underwood contained very short, simple sentences which your beginning reader will appreciate. But when paired by the charming illustrations they tell the whole story of how Cat is jealous of the Easter Bunny and wants his own outfit and holiday. In the end Cat discovers his empathetic side when the exhausted Easter Bunny doesn’t forget to bring him an egg. Cat gives him a lift in his side car so he can rest and finish his deliveries. Maybe he’ll take over for Santa next!

Turkey’s Eggcellent Easter by: Wendi Silvano was a ‘holiday cross over’ book. A Thanksgiving turkey and his barnyard friends decide to go incognito to infiltrate an Easter egg hunt so they can get one of the coveted ‘egg-stra special’ eggs. Turkey tries several unsuccessful disguises and in the end the farmer gives him and ‘A for effort’ and rewards his tenacity with a jellybean pizza that he shares with his friends.

As always, enjoy these and other great titles for FREE at your local library. Are they all checked out? No sweat, you can still listen to them with the links I have included to the free read alouds! Hoppy Easter!





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